10 Jaw-Drop Outdoor Adventures in USA

The United States of America is not only about high-skylines, luxurious outlets, mind-blowing food, but it is also about adrenaline-pumping adventures ranging from overnight camping in caves, rappelling down a waterfall or just paragliding off a volcano. Many of these extreme outdoor activities can be tackled in a weekend getaways. So if you are one of those intrepid travelers, you might want to have a look at our jaw drop adventure list in USA.

 10 Jaw-Drop Outdoor Adventures in USA

1.Skydive over the beach in Pismo, California: Take in the eagle-eye’s view of the entire Central California shoreline from an elevation of 10,000 feet as you fall freely over the Pacific Ocean. Do not worry about landing, as you will be cushioned by the soft sand of the Pismo beach. Free falling at a speed of 120mph will surely give you an ultimate adrenaline-rush and a lifetime memory. One can choose from a trio skydiving options of 25, 45 or 60 seconds and moreover, you will also be trained by a skilled expert on how to balance your weight for slow free falling.

Skydive over the beach in Pismo

2.Experience zero gravity in Las Vegas: On the off chance that you always wanted to be a space astronaut when you grew up, however, you were never able to accomplish the lift-off, Zero-G is the best thing to fulfill your childhood desire. Through various aerobatic moves, called parabolas, you can encounter weightlessness in a Boeing 727. The most persuading business space flight, which accompanies with a $4,950 price and happens consistently throughout the year in Las Vegas, and Cape Canaveral and different U.S. urban cities, including Miami, Washington, D.C., New York and San Francisco.

zero gravity in Las Vegas

3.Canyoneer through Moab, Utah: Well-known for its extra-ordinary mountain biking, Moab features an awesome canyoneering tour that takes you from old ancient ruins to carved sandstone and water-filled pools. Red River Adventures offers a few guided Canyoneering courses, ranging in difficulty levels, Ephedra’s Grotto and Chamisa Canyon, both of which boasts of climbing, swimming, rappelling and jumping. With a combo day trip one can also do rafting down the Colorado River with Canyoneering.

Canyoneer through Moab, Utah

4. Go overnight caving in McMinnville, Tennessee: With more than 32 miles of underground passages, Cumberland boasts of unique rock formations, pools, waterfalls, and an area for overnight stay. The excursions around the cave features ladder climbs, camping, an around mountain tour, followed by a toothsome breakfast in the Volcano room. Since it is underground, so one must carry certain essential things such as a water bottle, torch, waterproof bag, extra clothes, first-aid kit and a camera. One might be overwhelmed with the mind-blowing experience of overnight camping in Caves. Get in touch with your inner caveman!

caving in McMinnville, Tennessee

5.Fly an aerobatic plane in Las Vegas: To have a magnificent view of the entire Las Vegas with an aerobatic plane is thrilling in itself. You will be trained by a skilled expert, who will guide you with each maneuver, barrel roll, loop and hammerhead, before letting you take over the controls. For a full thrilling experience, Sky Combat Ace takes a sightseeing flight to heart-pumping new heights. Think of the training lessons which will move you away from hitting anything.

Fly an aerobatic plane in Las Vegas

6.Bike Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in Tahoe:  Explore the single-track mountain biking at Mr. Toad, which offers a heart-pumping single route down the hill from Tahoe Rim Trail. Carry your own bicycle, or avail it with Wanna Ride Tahoe, which provides a complete equipment for the activity including bicycle, helmets and gloves. One will encounter steep drops specially at the beginning, but as you move it will get easier at the end. Take in the stunning views of California- Nevada-straddling lake while riding the bicycle. This outdoor activity have recently evolved and have received a great fame all around the world.

Bike Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

7. BASE jump off at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho: Ditch skydiving and cliff jumping, and try the newbie BASE jumping, considered an insane outdoor activity. For this super-thrilling activity, one does not require permit, the only prerequisite is your esteemed courage for this. Well-known as one of the most extreme thrills, because the doer will perched at a merely 500ft above the Snake river, which means less time for the parachute to get open. So pull up your socks and get ready for this activity. Only if you are that daring!

BASE jump off at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho

8. Ride North America’s highest, fastest and longest zip line: With a height of 600ft above a magnificent view of greener countryside or snowy, depending upon the season, Catskills valley boasts of 3,200-foot long cable. If you are daring enough, then opt for the Skyrider tour, which is considered as the most daring of the three options at Hunter Mountain’s New York Zipline Adventure Tours. The largest in the North America and the second largest in the world, this 650-long mid-mountain tour is a basic for beginners where one also traverses rappelling and rope bridges.

9.Go waterfall rappelling through New Hampshire’s White Mountains: For an overwhelming waterfall rappelling, one does not need to travel exotic destinations to experience it. Take a short trek to the top of 100-ft fall, which you will find in New England. With the help of guide, rappel down with the rope and experience the strong thrushes of the burbling waterfall. The experience is just synonymous with the action movies you see, just be prepared to get fully drenched. Do not hesitate, or look down, just have focus and go with flow, and in no time you be done with it.


10.Experience Paragliding at Maui: What better way to encounter the world’s biggest inactive Volcano than by paragliding off its inclines? Numerous flights with Proflyght Paragliding takes off from the inclines of Haleakala, which is elevated at 10,000 feet, and is the highest pinnacle point on Maui. Amateurs can test their guts with the shorter 1,000-foot plummet, however for the experienced swashbuckler, the 3,000-foot features15 minutes of airtime over the island’s rich tropical scene and lavender ranches.

If these thoroughly extreme outdoor activities inspired you to travel USA, book your flights to America with us and let us know about your daunting experience. For more queries, leave your comments in the section provided below:


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