Enhance your Surfing Skills at Honolulu Beaches

Settled on the southern shore of the island of Oahu, Honolulu is the capital of the Hawaii and is far-famed for its iconic cerulean beaches, for which surfers from all around the world come to practice their skills or simply have fun with it. So if you are also one of those surfers or want to learn surfing, Honolulu is your place to try your hand at its world-class beaches, so book your flight tickets to Honolulu. To make it more easy for you to locate the sites, we have accumulated some best surfing beaches in Honolulu.

Surfer in Honolulu Beach

1.Ala Moana Bowls: Popular among the local surfers, this beach is best suitable to professional surfers and intermediate learners. Bestowed with beautiful stretch of white sand, while the Harbor side is adorned with Hilton beaches. Waves are typically high, one to four feet but occasionally it can get high up to 12 feet. Overall, the beach is fantastic to surf all year round, but one needs to be cautious alongside the thrilling adrenaline rush.

Professionals Surfer Place Ala Moana Bowls

2.Sandy Beach: Well-known as the best beach for beginners to enhance and practice their surfing skills. This stunning beach is spectacular n its beauty, offering relaxing sunshine thrills for the local and spectators. This beach offers crystal clear water which known best for body-surfers, experienced boogie boarders and surfers. While in some circumstances the beach waves can be rough, but overall it is an ideal beach for all kind of surfers.

beach for beginners Sandy Beach

3.Sunset Beach: Nestled on the north shore of Oahu, this beach waves are giant specially which comes in winter. The beach is extremely popular among the surfers and the locals, as it is home to the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championships during 1985. However, today also this beach hosts the notable Vans Triple Crown of Surfing for which several surfers from all the world come to take part in it. Apart from this, the beach is incredibly beautiful, sadly not recommended for beginners due to its extensive coral existence.

beach for beginners Sunset Beach Oahu

4.Kewalos: A marvelous hidden gem of Honolulu, Kewalos water is fantastic and warm, best suitable for short boarding, long-boarding, surfing and stand-up paddling. The spectators can also enjoy themselves, as next to the beach stands a Ward Shopping Center. The water is clear, while the waves are gentle, making it worthy for the beginners to start learning this phenomenal sport.

best suitable for short boarding

5.Banzai Pipeline: Attracts diverse crowd including professionals, locals and spectators to its rip-roaring big waves specially during the month of winters. Its massive waves makes it one of the most dangerous beach of Hawaii, but for surfers it is like an addiction for waves to pump up their adrenaline rush. Beginners should stay away from trying, as the powerful waves break over the sharp reef, being more dangerous than thrilling. Intrepid travelers looking for flights to Honolulu should visit this beach that boasts of incredible thrills.

 Banzai Pipeline dangerous beach of Hawaii

If these beaches of Honolulu inspired you to travel and do surfing, book you flight tickets to Honolulu from here. For more queries, leave your comments in the section provided below:

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