Multiple Options for Beach Vacations

When it comes to vacationing in the beaches, travelers always have various ways of making the most of their holidays. While some travelers prefer an afternoon nap under the sun, others opt for trendy beaches with vibrant night life. There are few who would want to connect with the nature at some of the deserted and tranquil beaches around the world. So here we have come up with a list of six destinations that may offer a soothing retreat on your next journey:


Situated in Southeast Asia, the Philippines comes with a unique mix of local and European cultures. Warm, friendly and English-speaking locals are always to guide you on your visit. Apart from the bustle of Manila, the capital city, its over 7,000 islands comes with a plethora of options for beach activities that range from premium stay, sports, cruising and exploring the world of sea creatures.


The beaches of Riviera Naayarit are as exotic as they get. It is primarily a 192-mile stretch of Pacific coastline near Puerto Vallarta and is all about beautiful beach towns, rich past and all-inclusive resorts. Here you may also go for jungle adventures or watching humpback whales in their natural habitat.


Featuring pebbly coves, golden sands, natural reserves and premium seaside resorts, Sicily, or the boot of Italy, has an expansive coastline of over 600 miles. Visiting Sicily, do not forget to explore the wilder sections of sand streches at the souther part of the island. At the main city, you;ll get to admire the majestic remains of Greek and Roman civilizations ruins and relish the delightful Italian cuisine. The city is dotted Baroque architecture that add a great charm to the cityscape.


The beaches of San Diego are all about coastal breeze, golden sands, shimmering blue waters, exotic coves and huge cliffs. The coastline of the city is over 70 miles and is well known for its vibrant surf culture. As for non-surfers, they may take to snorkeling or go for stand-up paddling in tranquil waters. While Pacific Beach is a heart throb for party animals, Ocean Beach is more about a unique bohemian feel.


Nicknamed the “Lucky Country”, Byron Bay happens to be the easternmost point of the Australian mainland and is best known for its fabulous beaches. Here you would have a chance to see the rainbows across the mountains being stirred by the storms. Further, it offers abundant sunshine as the perfect waves of Watego’s Beach have become a magnet for the surfers.


Emerald Coast is situated of the Colombia – Ecuador border and offers visitors some rustic beach options at tourist favorites like Salinas and Cuenca. Its eco-resorts offer greener ways of resting in the abode of nature as authorities have taken utmost care of showcasing the the wild character of the natural surrounding. Here you may go for a hiking tour, whale watching or explore the nearby jungle.

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