10 Interesting Facts About Venice – The City of Water

Are you planning to visit Venice, popularly known as the Queen of Adriatic, then you must know about certain facts that will motivate you even more to visit this city. Ever wondered about those beautiful canals and oldest historical buildings placed at the heart of this city? Read down below to know about interesting facts before visiting this romantic city.


1.Venice celebrates annual festival Carnival of Venice, which is quite famous for its elaborated mask all over the world.

2.The Grand Canal being the largest of all, features a whopping number of 170 houses along its banks, most of which were constructed between 1200 and 1700.

3.Venice is sinking at the rate of 1-2 millimeters a year, due to an encounter between Sirocco and tides.

4.Population of Venice dropped from a whopping number of 120,000 to 60,000 over the last 50 years due to its constant sinking. Some experts say that Venice will be the ghost city by 2030.

5.The narrowest street in Venice is called Calletta or Ramo Varisco, which measures only 53 cm. wide at chest level.

6.Many scientists presume that the Grand Canal route is familiar to one of an ancient river that was there in Venice earlier.

7.Venice contains several ancient buildings, one of them is St Mark’s Basilica(1000 year old), built in 1092 A.D.

8.Rigata Storica boat race is an event that has been celebrated since 14th century at The Grand Canal of Venice.

9.Being a Gondola (boat) oriented city, Venice Gondola’s is made of eight different woods and is 11 meters long and it weights almost 600 kilos.

10.The Canals of Venice have a whopping 400 bridges which connects 118 Islands.

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