8 Do’s and Don’ts When One Is In Bali

When in Italy, do things like the Italians When in Bali, do like things the Balinese

Do's and Don'ts When in Bali

1.Getting Attention

DO wave with your palm when requesting to somebody stop by.

Try not to point with your forefinger as it is viewed as hostile; utilize the whole hand.


DO try out the chilled Bintang – Balis’ no. 1 beer and it comes in huge jugs!

Try not to do drugs! – Indonesian medication laws are too strict.

3.Entering a Temple

DO wear a Sarong or long garments when entering a temple– The Balinese are intense about their traditions, so please make a special effort to respect their culture.

Try not to enter a temple when you have an open injury and for females during menstruation.


DO wrangle in business sectors and open markets – Humor and a smile can get you far, that goes for bargaining as well.

Try not to wrangle too hard or for amusement only – Be gracious. 5000 rupiah presumably won’t make a big deal to you, however it may do to the dealer.

5.Mind the head

DO wear a helmet when driving a bike – Both for assurance and to abstain from getting caught by the police.

Try not to touch individuals’ heads – That goes for kids as well, regardless of the possibility that they are truly adorable. The head is viewed as the most sacred piece of the human body.

6.Drinking water

DO drink Bottled water – Bali is hot all year around and you would prefer not to get dried out.

Try not to drink tap water – It doesn’t taste great and will more likely than not give you stomach issues.

7.When giving and accepting

DO utilize the two hands when giving or getting – It is a compliment to utilize the two hands when you give or get things like cash or a business card.

Try not to hand over something with your left hand – It is viewed as impolite.

8.When driving

DO blare the horn right away when overtaking as it will let people know you are passing by.

Try not to hold the horn down for too long, it is considered irritating and you might angry people around you.

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