Five Spectacular Canadian Lakes That Will Make You Want To Visit Now

If Canada has something extraordinarily marvelous, it’s outdoor activities in nature. With rough, beautiful scenes, rugged landscape and more than 560 lakes, it’s home to some spectacular mind-boggling views. Purplish blue, practically Caribbean in shading and all frigidly quiet, these Canadian lakes look appealingly welcoming to dive into. As you find more about this invigorating lakes with us, avail Air Canada weekly deals on Canada flights. Here are five of the nation’s most dazzling lakes that will ensure you’ll need to visit it.


1.Lake Louise, Alberta

Glacial waters make for an exceptional, almost tropical hues at Lake Louise. Banff National Park, the square wide spread sits at the foot of Fairview Mountain and is one of Alberta’s most wonderful spots. Trails encompassing the border make it an extraordinary place to go for a grand walk. In the winter, the frozen lake changes into a skating arena making it an absolute necessity to visit whatever be the season.

Louise, Alberta

2.Lake Maligne, Alberta

A celebrity among lakes, Alberta’s Lake Maligne is a standout among the most picturesque places on the planet. Its striking turquoise waters and the flabbergasting Spirit Island simply off the northern shore surely lend to its stunning excellence. Jasper National Park, Lake Maligne is surrounded by green pines and the rough pinnacles of Maligne mountain.

Lake Maligne, Alberta

3.Lake Ontario, Ontario

Lake Ontario, the furthest, is home to real urban communities like Toronto, and New York state in America. Measuring nearly two-hundred miles long, it’s colossal watery spread makes it the fourteenth biggest lake on the planet actually. Its name originates from the Iroquoian dialect, signifying Lake of Shining Waters.’

Lake Ontario

4.Lake Moraine, Alberta

Nestled between the Valley of the Ten Peaks within Banff National Park, Lake Moraine is encompassed by rough mountains. In case you’re enamored with sliding down the frozen snowy slopes then Lake Moraine should be on your radar for its world-class skiing. However, it truly turns remarkable in the late spring once the snow has defrosted and the lake’s dark blue shades are clearly visible.

Lake Moraine, Alberta

5.Lake Waterton, Alberta

A fairly calmer spot than Canada’s more noteworthy lakes, Lake Waterton weds unusual topography and a pleasant atmosphere with a plenitude of wildlife. It’s characterized by two waterways (one even, one vertical) associated by the narrowest of channels and is the most deepest lake of the Canadian Rockies. Exceedingly beautiful, Lake Waterton’s coasts are adorned with trees, and because of its segregated nature, it enjoys relative peace and calm far away from the tourist trail.

Lake Waterton, Alberta

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