Celebrate 4th of July at these Last-Minute Travel Destinations

Block your dates on the Fourth of July, and book your flights to USA as it is a perfect excuse to travel your favorite destination for celebrating the glorious Independence day of the United States. And if you’re not in the mood for the same old celebration every year, we have accumulated some fun Independence Day destinations which might be a short drive from your stay or just a plane ride away. Make this Fourth of July memorable with us by visiting one of these top fireworks-viewing destinations with the friends, family or even as a solo trip

ndependence Day destinations USA

1. Imperial Beach, San Diego : Well! Who doesn’t love the beach during summer? The scenic atmosphere drives you crazy with its sugary golden sand, patios and a picture perfect view of the Pacific Ocean. So this season July 4 awaits for you in San Diego’s Imperial Beach where you can stay at a beachfront rental for approx $300 a night — which isn’t a bad deal if you’re splitting the price with friends. Have fun at the beach on the D-day, as Coronado is just 10 minutes away for you to enjoy the awe-inspiring fireworks view over Glorietta Bay.

Imperial beach San diego

2. Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona border: The always-stunning Lake Powell is an awesome place to spend July 4 midst the beautiful scenery. This place is a favorite to many locals and tourists alike, as it offers plenty of things to do so that one can have a relaxing and carefree vacation. If water adventures are the cream to your coffee, then Lake Powell is an absolute must go. This lake brags for being the best for your family and friends to go boating, wake-boarding and tubing. Ditch Phoenix and Vegas, and travel this perfect budget-friendly getaway for people who love the outdoors.

Lake Powell

3. Las Vegas, Nevada: I know traveling to Vegas on 4th July might be miserable due to its hot weather. But with this you can avail several cheap deals on hotels, bars and restaurants, as due to hot and humid weather tourists are less; your budget friendly destination is a just a plane away. Just forget about the hot weather when you can simply lounge poolside with a margarita or some chilled beers, or may be in an air-conditioned casino, if that works! If you want to celebrate 4th of July in thriving yet economic-friendly place, Vegas is your place, baby!

Las Vegas

4. Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada border: For a buoyant lake getaway, head to Lake Tahoe for July 4 and celebrate our nation’s independence at “Lights on the Lake”. Being the largest pyrotechnics show in the West, Lake Tahoe also showcases an unrivaled firework displays on both sides of the lake. Moreover all the special events will be held on the South side. So we advise you as you book your camp out at the Meeks Bay Resort for a cheap stay, also book your flights to USA. One will have a great Independence Day vacation with pleasant surroundings and an spectacular fireworks show.

Lake Tahoe

5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: If you are looking for a beach getaway near the East coast, Myrtle Beach is just a perfect place for you. With plethora of beach celebrations and fireworks display on the July 4 weekend, this beach gives one ample opportunities to have a laid-back time and enjoy the weather, the water and the food.

Myrtle Beach

6. West Palm Beach, Florida: West Palm Beach is another splendid vacation spot for the beach-goers, accompanied with various budgeted hotels. With plenty of July 4 activities; featuring pop band The Rua for 2017 and two large outdoor stages playing free live music. Moreover, you can also lounge on the beach and enjoy sunshine thrills beside the Atlantic Ocean.

 West Palm Beach

7. Bristol, Rhode Island: If you’re looking for good, old-fashioned July 4 Americana celebration that lets you get introduced to their glorious history, then Bristol is right up your alley. Take benefit of  “A Unique American Experience,” as Bristol offers a Fourth of July ball, visiting ship, Drum Corp show, and fireworks over Bristol Harbor. In addition, their far-famed parade holds the record of being the oldest continuous Independence Day celebration destination in the United States.

Rhode Island

8. Lake Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois: Settled on the borders of Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois, Lake Michigan is perfect for those living in the Midwest. With over 1,600 miles of beaches, the lake offers unique water activities and beach sports all summer long.

Lake Michigan

Go wine-tasting, head to the farmers market, shop for antiques, rent a fishing boat, walk the boardwalk and you won’t be disappointed with anyone of these, as on July 4 the ambiance all around is lively and party-like. This year the Silver Lake area is hosting the Freedom Festival Parade and Torch Lake has a remarkable display of fireworks that is scheduled for July 3 this year.

Hurry up! Book your flights to USA, as 4th of July celebration awaits for you this year. To know more about it, leave your comments below:

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