Walking Through the Historic Freedom Trail

Explore the Boston city where the old and the contemporary are in endless conversation; where The Freedom Trail landmarks stand beside top-notch restaurants; where old-stone lanes meet glass-boxed shopping malls; and the famous performance theaters rub shoulders with stylish nightclubs. But Boston tour is incomplete without a stroll through the historic Freedom Trail which boasts about 16 historical landmarks. You could book your Freedom Trail pass online as you buy your cheap flight tickets to Boston.


 Tips to Visit Freedom Trail

1.You will need a pass to visit these historical landmarks. Freedom Trail Walking Tour admission is available for visitors which offers the, various options according to their need and time. You can select from all-inclusive pass, explorer pass (up-to 5 attractions) and build your own pass.

2.When visiting Freedom Trail, it is advised to start from the top. Start from Bunker Hill Monument, as at the end of the day you will be tired and will not make it up to the hill like most tourists.

3.Things you will need to carry for the long-trail include sneakers, jacket, snacks, water, sun-protection and a camera.

4.To avoid much crowd, the best time to visit is during early spring or the weeks after Columbus Day but before Christmas time. Those booking cheap flights to Boston could check out these tips to visit Freedom Trail.


1.Bunker Hill Monument: The last historic landmark of Freedom Trail is also the most prominent place for picnics and lunches. But during early years, this place was a battleground in 1775 Revolutionary War and was the site of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Bunker Hill Monument Boston

2.USS Constitution : Make a trek through the Charlestown Bridge and enter the Navy Yard to see the USS Constitutions – world’s oldest commissioned navy ship afloat. Board the ship and visit the USS Constitution museum to study the interesting history of shipbuilding and Old Ironsides.

3.Old North Church: Established in 1722, Christ Church in the City of Boston,is also known as the Old North Church. The spire of the church in the older days was used as signal to set the occurrence of events in motion. Though it does not have significant history, but being the oldest surviving church in Boston, it captures a lot of tourist attention.

Old North Church Boston

4.Old Corner Book Store: Being one of the oldest surviving buildings in all of Boston, the Old Corner Book Store was the hub of Boston’s literary community. Though now it is a Chipotle shop, so grab a burrito if you are hungry.

 Old Corner Book Store Chipotle
There are 12 more such historic sites that are essential to Boston tourism now and are always worth a visit on your maiden tour to this city. So as you plan your itinerary for your tour and book last minute flights to Boston.

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