Essential Tips for your Solo-Trip to Orlando

Nicknamed as “The Theme Park Capital of the World”, Orlando has several captivating tourist attractions that herald people from different parts of the country. With a population of about a quarter million, Orlando welcomes 62 million visitors every year. So in case you have booked your cheap flights to Orlando, Florida, here are some essential tips that one should look for before visiting the city, as it will help you to save plenty of your time and money:

Disney land Orlando


1.It is essential to know that the theme parks of the city are all situated within a small radius of fifteen miles from each other. The far-famed Walt Disney World Resort is about 20 miles away from southeast of the downtown area. On the other hand, Sea World Orlando is located10 miles southwest of downtown Orlando.

2.Look out for various guided tours options to explore the theme parks, as it can be quite confusing if you try to do without it. For inexpensive budget, one can also buy guidebooks available in number of language to sort out the guided tour issue.

3.If you are tired of the city attractions, then one can also head towards the nature settings such as tranquil beaches. Beaches are another important aspect of the city, where the locals reach out during weekends. Beaches such as Daytona beach and Cocoa beach offers splendid view of the ocean with a mind-blowing sunset at dusk.

4.For those who are traveling with kids, the best place to take them is Kennedy Space Center which is an hour drive from Orlando. Kids can learn something really interesting and recreational at the center. Beaches is also a good option for kids as they can play with sand and make beautiful-tiny castles and various other sculptures. Get last-minute flights to Orlando, if you have forgotten to book them.

5.The city’s scorching heat can be intolerable for many, so one can also also opt for fascinating water parks to cool-them off. SeaWorld’s Water-park, Disney Typhoon Lagoon, Wet `n Wild and Disney Blizzard Beach offer great time and thrilling water rides to its visitors. More significantly, these water parks are open all throughout the year.

6.Go to the International Drive Resort Area known as Orlando’s main tourist strip, for some decent hotels of different price range.

For those who want to navigate various areas in the city, there are a number of car rental companies which are situated near the city’s airport area. You could look for these car rentals while booking your cheap flight tickets to Orlando, Florida.




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