Fishing in the Sublime Waters of Miami

If you are planning to try something different and special on your next vacation., then you may surely give a go for some fishing along the Miami Beach. Being a major cosmopolitan city situated in the south-eastern state of Florida, Miami is best known for its party atmosphere and glitzy beaches. But to make the most of your holiday fun and to live with real spirit of this city, do consider some fishing.

Miami beach

Fishing in Miami

Numerous travel operators provide Miami Fishing charters for visitors traveling to Miami. They can also help you book your cheap flight tickets from New York to Miami. While providing maximum fun, these fishing charters offer plenty of options associated with beach fun. So we have come up with some important methods for fishing in the waters along the Miami coast:

1.Wreck Fishing: Wreck and bottom fishing methods are best used for catching various fish species like groupers and snappers. It is also reliable for catching sturdy ones like Amberjack. To increase your chances of success with this method, you would have to first locate the ship wrecks and then use the fish finding machines for precise deployment of bait at the right places.

Wreck Fishing

2.Trolling: Trolling happens to be the most popular form of fishing here and involves drifting up and down the coast as your use your baits. The speed of pull remains somewhere between 6-12 knots. It further depends on the fish species and depth of water. You are quite likely to capture fish species like Tuna, Bonita, Kingfish and Mahi Mahi using this method.

Trolling Fishing
3.King Fishing: King fishing method is reckoned as of the best methods of fishing in terms of productivity. It involves suspension of bait somewhat vertically hung towards the water using a kite. Legend has it that the method was invented in these very waters off the South Florida coast. You may look for tour operators offering King Fishing and booking low-cost flight tickets from New York to Miami.

King Fishing

4.Shark Fishing: In case you are will to take a major challenge filled with excitement, then shark fishing may be your treat of the day. It requires a great deal of patience as it may be quite difficult to find many of them. Some of the methods employed are bottom fishing and kite fishing. We would advise you to go with kite fishing as there have been few incidents of shark attacks here.

Shark Fishing

Safety is quite important for fishing in these waters and the authorities might require you to take along an expert who could advise and support you with your travails. These fishing charters also provide experts who could help you out with necessary fishing skills. For all your travel-related queries and suggestions, please leave your comments in the space provided below:
Image Source : PixaBay & The online fisher man

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