London’s Best Iconic Spots to Add to Your Bucket List

The city of London has an assortment of activities and sights to keep the inquisitive and the daring involved all through their stay. Regardless of whether you’re taken with the lifestyle and times of royalty or essentially need to appreciate the renowned nightlife, there’s something here for you. So as you plan your travel schedule and book your flights to London with British Airways flight reservations, we have thought of some places to visit on your arrival.

Make a beeline for the British Museum.

The British Museum will interest even those uninterested in history. Including more than fifteen million curios, a visit to the British Museum is an eye opener. Set aside your time to stroll through the historical center’s various accumulations and on the off chance that you are hungry, you can simply regain some energy at the museum’s restaurants.

Take photographs of the London Bridge at nightfall.

The London Bridge isn’t just a London symbol; it is likewise massively charming in its own particular right. Extending over the River Thames, the London Bridge is a piece of the A3 street. The calmly streaming waterway introduces a fascinating difference to the occasionally bustling activity over the extension. Head here at nightfall for superb photograph scene.

See the Clock Tower and Big Ben.

The clock tower is the world’s biggest, four-confronted tolling clock and its outline is just stunning. The Big Ben, in the meantime, alludes to the giant bell within the clock tower. They are adding more iconic places connected with London, and you will have a ton of fun getting a charge out of the sight and taking photographs.

Witness the Changing of the Queens’ Guards.

On the off chance that you make a beeline for Buckingham Palace at the ideal time, you might be sufficiently fortunate to see the changing of the Queens’ guards, whereby the New Guards assume the position from the Old Guards, joined by music from a full military band. This happens ordinarily from April to July, and on interchange days from August to March.

Go on a tour through the Palace of Westminster.

Such visits are just given in the late spring. However, this will enable you to take in the excellent architecture of the Palace, and in addition to hearing an instructive commentary on the capacities and history of the Palace.

Shop at Harrods.

Another symbol of London, this is one place you need to go simply to window shop. Harrod’s seasonal Christmas office and Food Hall is well known. Watch out likewise for the commemoration sculptures devoted to the late Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed.

Go out for a stroll around Trafalgar Square.

In spite of the fact that nourishing the pigeons is never again permitted, you will at present appreciate a lively stroll around this delightful open square. There are likewise intriguing landmarks at every plinth that may catch your interest.

Sit in Shakespeare’s Globe

This is a well known authentic playhouse that has existed since Shakespearean era. You can watch a play in here or select a broad instructive visit.

Go for the London Eye.

This is a tremendous structure much the same as a Ferris wheel. A ride on the London Eye will give you fantastic all encompassing perspectives of London and it will be an invigorating background for the entire family. So before you book your London eye tickets, make sure to block your dates for flights to London with British Airways tickets and flight reservation.


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