Satiate your Hunger Strike in Tampa Bay’s Succulent Restaurants

Tampa is a soul city to offer such an amazing food that ranges from seafood to street food and gourmet cuisine to any home-made recipe. One can find plethora of food restaurants, food-trucks, street food and many more to savor the taste of the city’s luscious food. The city adds flavor to the trip of any traveler visiting Florida. One cannot be fully satisfied in such less time with the amount of dishes the stunning city offers.

So here we have assembled some of the great iconic dishes the city has to offer its tourists, check out the list and mark your favorite one. So while you browse flight tickets to Tampa for your holiday getaway, here are some marvelous eateries that may come to your much needed help:

1) Key lime pie is perhaps one of the most popular creation. The best place to get it is in Tampa, where there are a million of spots to look over. On the off chance that Tampa isn’t likely to work out for you, this pastry is very simple to make at home too.

 Key lime pie

2) One of the best sandwiches ever invented, Cuban sandwich can be found across the state, however, the best ones are made in Miami, Key West and Tampa. The taste is incredible and is recommended to cheese lovers.

3) Pane Rustica, a buzzing dining room features acorn squash stuffed with chicken salad, flat-bread pizzas, spectacular burgers and creative sandwiches with a choice of nine breads. Lastly, save room for the bakery’s delicious desserts.

Pane Rustica

4) Al’s Finger Licking Good Bar-B-Que is a southern American barbecue joint in Ybor City which features a super comfy and laid back atmosphere, with smoked meats that will actually make you lick your fingers. Go for the lip-smacking baked beans, mac and cheese spicy collard greens, black-eyes peas and smoked half slab of ribs with some of their sides.

Al’s Finger Licking Good Bar-B-Que

6) There’s no better place to have some dinner than Eddie Vs Prime Seafood, as the atmosphere is chic, sophisticated and buzzing with live jazz. Perfect spot for a romantic dinner, the oyster bar offers up delicious market oysters, jumbo lump crab and Hawaiian yellow tail sashimi, lobster tails, lobster bisque, lobster tacos, they have it all. End your succulent meal with the Godiva chocolate cake.

Eddie Vs Prime Seafood

7) Whether you’re looking for a gourmet burger, superb craft cocktails, fine bloody mary, chicken and waffles or fantastic fish tacos—you’re going to be happy and satisfied at Datz. Just be ready for a lively atmosphere that can get loud and buzzing.

8) Just do yourself a favor and get to Eddie & Sam’s NY Pizza as soon as you can, as they have the best pizza in Tampa. The slices size are massive while the toppings are fresh and the sauce is simply flavorsome. If you love New York style pizza, this is as close as you’re going to get if you’re not in NYC.

Eddie & Sam’s NY Pizza

9) Hooters is an amazing restaurant for juicy burgers and sandwiches, amazing seafood, unique salads, ice cold beer, a full liquor bar and of course, the far famed chicken wings served up in one of our remarkable sauces.

10) Block your seat and visit this restaurant, Miguel’s Mexican Seafood & Grill. Order a fine margarita with chips and salsa sauce while you glance the menu. This isn’t a standard Mexican restaurant, but an authentic mouth-watering Mexican cuisine in an upscale, relaxing and lively atmosphere.

You could browse more about such delicious food and cuisines, as you book your flight tickets to Tampa this holiday season. For more information related to traveling in Tampa and other such hot destinations, please leave your comments below:

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