Tampa Travel Tips – Navigating The Big Guava Like a Local

An idyllic destination for a diverse vacation, Tampa is a perfect getaway for foodies, thrill-seekers, beachcombers and more. Tampa’s moist tropical climate and a miscellany of great man-made attractions, offers a pleasing and an eclectic mix that never fails to impress its visitors. The city takes pride in Cuban and Spanish culture, however, you will find a diverse population residing in this city. Since the city is not inexpensive, so we have accumulated a list of some essential travel tips that will save some extra bucks for you:

Tampa Travel Tips

1.)To balance your tour budget, one must buy Tampa CityPASS as it provides you a getaway through many enchanting city attractions, architecture marvels, events, festivals and exhibitions. You save approximately 53 % of your money, if you buy this money-saving city pass. If you are planning to book cheap flights to Tampa, don’t forget to do online booking for Tampa CityPASS.

Buy Tampa CityPASS

2.) Avoid traveling during peak time such as Christmas, New Year or any of such festivals, as the prices of hotels and restaurants shoots up high.

3.) Book morning flights, as these flights are inexpensive and do not suffer delays. Other flights might experience some delays due to weather issues.

Book morning flights

4.) Tampa’s climate is moist and pleasing which makes it a perfect city for a holiday vacation. But during afternoon hours, the city might suffer some rain, so carry some wipes or extra clothes if you get drenched. However, the best time to travel is in between May-October.

5.) Tampa celebrates over 300 festivals all around the year. So it is advised to check the on-going festival of the city. Who knows? You might also get a chance to experience some. There are several tour operators providing two way tickets and one-way tickets, you may book Cheap Flights to Tampa from one of them.

 Tampa celebrates

6.) Tampa has plenty of shopping, dinning and cultural activities which are all within a walking distance or can be explored through a taxi. But if you want to explore the city wholly and solely, better book a taxi to experience them all.

7.) Tampa’s cuisine is majorly focused on Spanish, Cuban and Southern delicacies. Foodies can savor the incredible taste of Cuban food which comprises of delicious sandwiches, salads and fried dishes. Tampa is also known to be a fruit paradise, as you can get citrus fruits all around the year while from May-October its taste is divine.

Tampa’s cuisine

8.) Tampa is a laid-back and friendly city, but it does value some manners such as “Please” and “thank you” go a long way here. Drinking age is 21 years and up, while tipping is expected at restaurants and bars, if your experience was satisfactory.

If you are wondering where to travel this summer, then book flight tickets to Tampa, as it has everything to allure you.


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