Unique Hot Spots And Points Of Interest In Uptown, Dallas

Portrayed as the most majestic Texan city, Dallas gloats of some unique aspects of American and cowboy culture. Worldwide recognized as an all-American city in the state of Texas, Dallas is a comprehensive destination for those looking for a unique vacation. It is its cowboy culture that attract people from around the world to attend its annual rodeo competition, showcasing the lively spirit of this enticing city.


1.Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens – Sprawling across 66 acres, this stunning garden boasts of some phenomenal flower exhibit year round. The Dallas Arboretum was ranked among the best spring flower festivals of America in 2015. Just book your cheap flight tickets to Dallas and savor some of the most breathtaking views in the Dallas Arboretum. Be certain to explore around White Rock Lake Park, too. Encompassed by 10 miles of biking and hiking trails, it’s known for its amazing bird and wildlife spotting, as well as sailing and fishing.

 Dallas Arboretum

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2.The Sixth Floor Museum – Nestled at the sixth floor of Dallas County Administration Building, this historic museum boasts of the legacy, life, times and assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Other major highlights includes the Oval Office as well as a 15-acre park with its rare flora and fauna.

The Sixth Floor Museum

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3.The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum – Sprawling across 15 acres, this museum boasts of some vital events and issues of the administration of former President George W. Bush displayed in four themes – responsibility, opportunity, freedom and compassion.

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4.Dallas World Aquarium – This incredible aquarium is home to various exquisite species of fauna such as two-toed & three-toed sloths, birds, toucans, etc. It also houses number of endangered species as well like Orinoco crocodiles, Antillean manatees, Giant river otters and various species of monkeys as part of conservation projects. Hot Tip: Before coming here, check the feeding schedule for a chance to have a close encounter with the animals, as well as for the information on the upcoming talks and lectures.


Dallas World Aquarium

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5.Reunion Tower – This significant landmark offers the tourist some spectacular perspective of Dallas via HD zoom cameras equipped with an interactive digital-touch screen display, known as the Halo, which gives the guests opportunity to get engage with the city in many technology-driven ways. After the Reunion Tower renovations in 2011, a revolving restaurant with 360-degree views over Dallas.

Reunion Tower renovations

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