What To Do On A Weekend Trip To Tampa

A charming destination for a various get-away, Tampa is an ideal getaway for foodies, adrenaline junkies, beachgoers and that’s just the beginning.Tampa’s wet tropical atmosphere and a randomness of incredible man-made attractions offer a satisfying and a mixed blend that never misses impressing its guests. The city takes pride in Cuban and Spanish culture, however, you might find different populace dwelling in this city. If you are planning to book a last-minute flight to Tampa, don’t forget to do online booking for Tampa CityPASS.

1.Order a Cuban sandwich at the Columbia Restaurant

As the discussion continues on which Florida city is the genuine origin of the Cuban sandwich, and by far it is none other than a genuine Tampa Cuban: to ham, pork, salami, Swiss cheddar, pickles and mustard on high quality, fresh Cuban bread. Grill it until it becomes toasty and delicious. Eat it with a Cuban bistro at the Columbia, touted as Florida’s most oldest eatery, with Ybor City dating back to 1905.

2.Ride SheiKra at Busch Gardens

Three minutes. Seventy miles for every hour. A 200-foot drop. ShieKra is a standout amongst the best time things to do in Tampa and won’t baffle even the most tainted of exciting ride connoisseurs.The line to get on is normally the longest at the recreation center, yet it’s justified, despite all the trouble, it gives you the best view around the local area. Simply make a point to keep your eyes open.

3.Catch a band at Skipper’s Smokehouse

Out of the way and concealed from the greater part of the city’s nightlife activity, Skipper’s has been pulling in the best blues, music, reggae, country and society music acts since 1980. This is a family-gathering spot with an awesome vibe, which has earned it a notoriety for being a standout amongst other show scenes in Florida.

4.Go for a jog along Bayshore Boulevard

This 4.5-mile Bayshore Boulevard walkway and street gives the best perspective of the shimmering Hillsborough Bay while flanked on the opposite side by multi-million-dollar, memorable south Tampa homes. It’s a well-known spot for sprinters, skaters, cyclists, strollers, puppy walkers and any other individual searching for some natural air, and its notable brightening solid balustrade is a standout amongst the most beautiful architecture highlights in Tampa. There are several tour operators providing two-way tickets and one-way tickets, you may book cheap flights to Tampa from one of them.

5.See a movie at Tampa Theatre

As a standout amongst the most cherished and stunning historic points in Tampa, the deliberately preserved “TAMPA” sign and old-fashioned marquis out front reels, however, it’s the interior that blows your mind. Sit in the Tampa Theater and be engaged by the Mighty Wurlitzer organ funnels while you look around at the ostentatious decor of statues, blooms, stars, sculptures and different touches that appear to draw from each architectural period ever.

6.Stop for a strawberry milkshake (or strawberry anything) in Plant City

Known as the “winter strawberry capital of the world,” more than seventy-five percent of the country’s midwinter strawberries originate from Plant City. Sweet and flavorful, the berries make their way into everything from shoemakers to biscuits to martinis, however, one of the more famous approaches to expend them is through milkshake. If you are wondering where to travel this summer, then book flights to Tampa, as it has everything to allure you.


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