Tips and Tricks for Visiting Universal Studios in Orlando

Being the theme capital of the world, Orlando boasts of plethora theme parks and entertaining sites for locals and tourists. So keeping this in mind, we thought to share some vital tips for your visit in Universal Studios, so that you can effortlessly spend your fun time in this city. So if you are in a hurry and still haven’t booked your flight tickets, book last minute flights to Orlando with us and avail tempting deals as well.

Universal Studios in Orlando

1.Get there early- Make sure to reach Universal Studios early as the gates gets opened at 8am, and Islands of Adventure gets opened at 9am. Arriving at the gate for Universal Studios at 7:45 am will help, as sometimes the authorities open it early. So it pays to be there! And a pro-tip, check the park hours before you go!

Universal Studios
2.Head to Harry Potter World- Harry Potter is one such movie which is popular all around the world, and keeping this in mind, it is the busiest (and coolest) part of the park. However, for the Harry Potter rides one does not requires express pass, so the lines can get very long. So we advice you to head there first and get in line. And a pro-tip bring your phone for pictures if you have pocket to keep it.

Harry Potter World

3.Ride Hogwarts Express to Islands of Adventure- Take a fascinating ride in Howgarts Express which is a slow moving train that revives the movie in your mind. However, if your kids are not familiar to Harry Potter , you can simply show them the videos play on your train car window that portrays the Harry Potter story in brief.

Hogwarts Express
4.Enjoy a Butterbeer- One of the most popular attraction in the park is it Butterbeer. You can easily find it, as there are multiple carts selling it. And a pro-tip check both ends of the carts.


5.Head out and see the rest of Islands of Adventure- Come out of the Harry Potter world and take the train back. Explore the rest of the islands of adventure, and if you have little kids, we suggest you to head to Suess Landing. Then proceed to Spider Man and Doctor Doom for the older ones. On a hot and humid day, try out Jurassic Park River Adventure and Ripsaw Falls. And a pro-tip your express pass will get you on almost every ride quickly.

Islands of Adventure

6.Take the train back to Dragon Alley- After witnessing the adventure islands , take the Hogwarts train and head to Dragon Alley, and take a glimpse of ancient beast creatures. And you will be startled.

Dragon Alley

7.Be sure to check out Lard Lad Donuts- If your hunger strikes, we advice you savor donuts from Lard Lad Donuts. One of the best is the pink one sprinkled with tiny candies. And a pro-tip, this area features plenty of other rides for adventure seekers and your express pass will give access to ride one of those.

Lard Lad Donuts

8.Grab a map- For a thorough research on the activities of the park, check out the map for activities based on your family and ages. However, one can also find the maps available online, so check out their site and plan your tour to this rip-roaring and amusing site.

Grab a map

9.Souvenirs- Looking for some souvenirs? The theme park boasts of plenty of places to shop as you take a stroll around the parks. Buy a Gryffindor Quidditch shirt as a memory for witnessing the Harry Potter world. But overall its your own choice and desire.

Gryffindor Quidditch

Lastly, if you find these tips worthy enough for your visit and it also inspired you to travel Orlando, book your last minute flights to Orlando with us. And for more queries, leave your comments in the section provided below:

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