Key West, Florida – Ideal Place for a Weekend Getaway!

Key West in Florida was once notorious as a buccaneers’ town with pirates and wreckers dominating these beautiful settings of the Florida Keys. The island’s noisy past, the spirit of freedom and its unique “Floribbean” charm is what excites the visitors and artists about this place. So we have compiled for you some special features of Key West that may help you comprehend this island in a better way:


The keys of Florida have something really eccentric about them that could keep a visitor spellbind with the aura of this place. From its street performers to the dust of Duval Street, we can easily find some quirky ways to retreat here. As a tombstone in a cemetery here reads: “I told you I was sick”. Outcasts, oddballs and marauders have endeared this region as a place where one could always expect something happening in a unique way.

Key Lime Pie

A visit to Key West would surely be incomplete if one doesn’t get to savor Key Lime Pie which was invented here. The desert is tangy; a refreshing cheesecake that is made with locally grown limes of different varieties. And for the finest of the kind, you may take to Blue Heaven that offer these slices seasoned with clouds of meringue and filled with pieces of chicken.

Nightlife of Duval Street

Much of the real action of Key West is centered around Duval Street. This street is rife with boisterous bars that are all about trippy music and night-long parties. As for some classic live music, you may take to Green Parrot, where locals gather and party till early hours. The Captain Tony’s Saloon here used to be frequented by the great writer Ernest Hemingway.


The cultural aspects of Key West are best defined in terms of its affinity with the Cuban culture. While the island offers an exotic “Floribbean” feel, the Old Town here is more about pastel-colored homes switched right behind white fences. Similarly, the brightly painted Bahama Village features the tin-roofed conch houses.

Conch Republic

Many people use the term “Conch Republic” while referring to Key West. The legend goes back to 1982, when Key West decided to secede from the US, and as if that was not enough, it went on to declare a war against the mighty nation. After demanding a billion dollars in foreign aid, the mayor of the island surrendered. Locals here celebrate the independence of Conch Republic every year in the month of April with their blue flags flying high towards the skies.

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